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Andrew Frenz
Andrew Frenz uses Drive Today Driving School (Driving School)
My uncle owns Drive Today Driving School. They give private lessons, free pick-up, and are great with adult drivers too. I highly recommend using him if you need to take behind-the-wheel lessons.

Deanna Ebert
Deanna Ebert uses Laura Hanson's Quality Tree Service (Tree Removal)
Company does not operate with integrity. Damaged my sidewalk and gave me the run around when I tried to work with them to repair it. Never did get it fixed they eventually stopped returning my calls.

Justin Folvarcik plays Monopoly (Board Games)
I like Monopoly.

Ellen Westin
Ellen Westin uses Green & White - Lawn & Snow (Lawn Care)
They always do a great job on everything! They do everything from: mowing lawns, yard maintenance, landscaping projects and gardens, and build patios. And in the winter they plow the snow in your driveway! Excellent service! Contact info: James Westin (owner) Email: jimmywestone@hotmail.com

Rahul C shops both (Walmart vs Target)
no reason

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