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Downhill Skiing
Downhill Skiing
(Things to Do)
Answered by 7 People
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Where have you gone downhill skiing?

Something else?

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Most Popular
Welch Village MN (2 people or 28.6%)
Afton Alps (2 people or 28.6%)
Snowbird (1 person or 14.3%)
Brighton Ski Area (1 person or 14.3%)
Spirit Mountain Duluth MN (1 person or 14.3%)

This is how everybody answered:

Jonathan Frenz uses Afton Alps
The one place I have been downhill skiing. And I loved it!!

Drew Frenz
Drew Frenz uses Afton Alps
The best downhill area near Minneapolis, Afton is by far larger than any other in the area. Lots of variety in the runs, from some relatively long ones (compared to others in central MN) and some shorter ones that are much steeper. Only ski area near the Twin Cities large enough that one can spend a full day without having to hit the same runs again and again forever.

JT McManmon
JT McManmon uses Welch Village MN
best I have been at and I have heard it is the best in Minnesota

Matthew Beckler uses Welch Village MN
Pretty good for midwest skiing. Have a great college student season pass for less than $150 for the whole year, pays for itself after 3-4 visits.

Matthew Beckler uses Spirit Mountain Duluth MN
Excellent ski hill in Duluth, MN. Overlooking the two harbors, the views are just as great as the skiing. Lifts are high speed, most are quads, with great runs.

Matthew Beckler uses Brighton Ski Area
Spent two days skiing here in January, 2006. Conditions were excellent, the runs were wide and fast, and the place was relatively deserted. The beautiful landscape made the chairlift rides enjoyable, too. Would visit again!

Matthew Beckler uses Snowbird
Excellent ski area outside Salt Lake City, Utah.


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