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Fast Food
Fast Food
Answered by 19 People
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What fast food do you like?

Something else?

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Most Popular
Subway (5 people or 26.3%)
McDonald's (3 people or 15.8%)
Taco Bell (3 people or 15.8%)
Wendy's (3 people or 15.8%)
Jimmy Johns (2 people or 10.5%)

This is how everybody answered:

Drew Frenz
Drew Frenz uses Jimmy Johns
Tastes much better than Subway or Quiznos. Besides, a sandwich shop with bicycle deliverymen?!?! How could you not love it? It is however a bit more expensive than subway, seeing as the sandwiches are only 8-9 inches rather than 12.

Federico Elles uses Subway
Where else can I review the creation of my sandwich? Also love the daily offer. And it always tastes kind of fresh.

Chris Kostik
Chris Kostik uses Quiznos
Some chicken bacon thing. Once a month.

Matthew Beckler uses Wendy's
Quality food and delicious fries. Better than McDonalds and Burger King, in my opinion. Substitute your drink for a smooth, chocolate frosty, and dip your fries in the cold creamy frosty. Delicious.

Andrew Frenz
Andrew Frenz uses McDonald's
McDonald's is so tasty. The only time we got it growing up was coming back from the Boundary Waters, when we got a happy meal! Now I get a double cheeseburger meal. I rarely get to go these days. I just hope they go trans-fat free soon so my wife lets me go there more!

JT McManmon
JT McManmon uses Arbys
they have good food that is cheap, and they have bigger meals that are slightly more expensive. Something for everyone

Jonathan Frenz uses Subway
I love their $5 footlongs!

Andrew Frenz
Andrew Frenz uses Subway
My wife and I split a $5 foot long for a meal there - it makes her happy because it is like the healthiest fast food - and it makes me happy because it is the cheapest fast food meal for both of us!

Paul Frenz
Paul Frenz uses Burger King
Dollar menu is a great value. Whopper Jrs. and soda for $1.

Paul Frenz
Paul Frenz uses Subway
Healthy Cheap lunch or dinner at $5 for a footlong sub.

Brian Kretsch
Brian Kretsch uses Taco Bell
I like taco bell. We bike there almost everyday and get lunch. Lots of times I get a free burrito because the coin game is really easy. If you shake it a certain way and use a quarter it is almost impossible to lose. That way my burrito only costs a quarter.

Davis Schuh
Davis Schuh uses Taco Bell
They are good and cheap. I like their 99 cent beefy cheese burrito. Taco Pizzas are also good.

Caroline Murray uses McDonald's
It tastes amazing, and it's cheap, and some are open 24 hours :P

Jordan LaPointe
Jordan LaPointe uses Jimmy Johns
Freaky fast subs. Freaky tasty, too.

Natalie Duthoy
Natalie Duthoy uses Subway
I believe that Subway sandwiches are absolutely fantastic; they are healthy as well as delicious. There is a wide variety of meats and vegetables that one can choose.

Shane Vader uses Wendy's
Best fast food burger in town. Combos can get expensive but you can leave with a full stomach if you order smart.

David Skodje uses Wendy's
Best burgers in fast food. They are always hot and full of great toppings i.e. tomato, lettuce and onion of a much higher quality than other fast food places. I am very pleased with the food and pick it before Mcdonalds and Burger King

Rachel Frenz uses Taco Bell
Taco bell is very good, and is open late.

Jonathan Frenz uses McDonald's
Can't be beat for price! Love it.


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