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PC or Mac
PC or Mac
Answered by 3 People
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Which type of computer do you use?

Something else?

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PC (2 people or 66.7%)
Mac (1 person or 33.3%)

This is how everybody answered:

Drew Frenz
Drew Frenz uses PC
If you want a PC for their wide-range of software and support services, buy a PC. If you want a Mac for the stability and ease of use, buy a PC and install Ubuntu and save yourself the "Apple Tax" of about 40%. If you want a Mac for the beautiful user interface, buy a PC and install X86, and again save yourself 40% of the cost.

Andrew Frenz
Andrew Frenz uses PC
The only thing Macs have going for them are their looks. And that not as many people have them so they get targeted less than PCs for viruses and such. They aren't any safer, just less exploited. Other than that, PCs are way better. First off, there are way more PCs to choose from - more competition means better value for less money. As a result, PCs are way cheaper. PCs also have netbooks which are awesome. Plus, there are way more software applications for PCs than Mac. I personally like the Windows environment much better too - I couldn't stand my Mac I sometimes used at Seagate.

Patty Burkemper
Patty Burkemper uses Mac
I have an imac and after owning and using it for 2 years, I would not have anything else. We were pc users, but no more since we have come into the Apple world. We have just never had a problem with our imac and had multiple problems with our pc. We are forever in the world of Apple everything.


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