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Take Out
Take Out
Answered by 2 People
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Where do you like to get take-out food from?

Something else?

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Most Popular
Scott Jamama's (1 person or 50%)
Punch Pizza (1 person or 50%)

This is how everybody answered:

Drew Frenz
Drew Frenz uses Punch Pizza
Punch Pizza has five Twin Cities locations (two in Minneapolis, two in St. Paul, one in Eden Prairie, and one in Wayzata). They are a member of the Neopolitan Pizza Guild, and they are one of only a small handful of members in the US. The make the pizza to order, cooking it for 90 seconds in an 800 degree wood-burning oven. It is very good and quite different from a normal pizza.

Drew Frenz
Drew Frenz uses Scott Jamama's
Best ribs in Minneapolis! Seriously, you can't beat 'em! Scott & Co will remember your name after only a couple trips. Best "hole in the wall" in the world.


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