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Lawn Games
Lawn Games
Answered by 13 People
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What are your favorite lawn games?

Something else?

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Most Popular
Ladder Golf (6 people or 46.2%)
Bean Bag Toss (3 people or 23.1%)
Badminton (2 people or 15.4%)
Bocce Ball (2 people or 15.4%)

This is how everybody answered:

Jonathan Frenz plays Ladder Golf
Ladder golf is fun. It kind of is embarrassing to lose to people you should really beat. And very frustrating when they don't stay on...

Andrew Frenz
Andrew Frenz plays Bean Bag Toss
My cabin neighbor Bob has this game (he built it). Its tons of fun. We play you have to hit 21 exactly, which makes it interesting because the losing team can catch up while the winning team tries to get the exact right amount. I plan on building a set myself this winter.

Paul Frenz
Paul Frenz plays Bean Bag Toss
Fun Game - If you build your own, be careful not to make the top to slippery

Lauren Kretsch plays Ladder Golf
We recently bought this and it is much tougher than you would expect. People who are naturally talented at games may not do so well in this. The winners are generally who you least expect.

Paul Frenz
Paul Frenz plays Ladder Golf
Fun Game played by family

Rita  Frenz
Rita Frenz plays Bean Bag Toss
It is a easy to make game where you have two boards with a hole cut near the top. You have 4 bean bags that you toss and try to get them either on the board or thru the hole. You can play with two or four people. It is a fun summer game.

JT McManmon
JT McManmon plays Bocce Ball
skill, its all about the skill

Jonathan Frenz plays Badminton
Pretty bomb

Lyndsey Frenz
Lyndsey Frenz plays Ladder Golf
Ladder golf is a lot of fun and most everyone can play it. It involves throwing two golf balls connected by a string at a ladder with three rungs. Its a great outdoor summer game.

Andrew Frenz
Andrew Frenz plays Bocce Ball
We played Bocce Ball all the time at Sandy Beach - the resort where my dad's side the family goes for a week each summer. We played on grass, dirt, and sand - all terrains were fair game! It is a fun game for all ages and can get really competitive - so make sure to have a measuring string!

Andrew Frenz
Andrew Frenz plays Badminton
Badminton is a great lawn game! We got real into it a few years back and played all the time at my cabin so I got really good. When the wind blows it gets really interesting!

Andrew Frenz
Andrew Frenz plays Ladder Golf
Ladder Golf is a super fun lawn game and its easy to make. It is also known by other names, but basically you throw two golf balls tied together and try to wrap them around the three "ladder" steps - usually made of PVC pipe. It takes some skill to master, but anybody can pick it up and play. Just don't play by the windows!

Rita  Frenz
Rita Frenz plays Ladder Golf
It is fun and easy to play.


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