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Internet Service Providers
Internet Service Providers
Answered by 4 People
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Who have you used for an internet service provider?

Something else?

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Comcast (4 people or 100%)

This is how everybody answered:

Matthew Beckler uses Comcast
Cable service is almost always faster than DSL, and my service from Comcast has fairly good uptime and reliability. Other people have had issues, but my experience has been without complaint. Sometimes they will offer a 1-year contract for cheap, which matches up nicely with a 1-year lease.

Hugh Springer
Hugh Springer uses Comcast
Always had more confidence in cable modems vs. DSL. Just started trying their triple play package. Cable TV + HBO is nice, but I don't like their rate/pricing package structure. Might drop it. Internet service quality has been good (16mbps). VOIP land line phone has been nice. Just use it mostly for junk calls (telemarketers, etc.), but their SmartZone communications center online interface allows me to listen to my voicemails in .wav file format during the day, if I didn't get a chance to listen at home. Nice feature, but debatable if it's worth the cost.

Drew Frenz
Drew Frenz uses Comcast
One of the worst companies I've ever dealt with. Their service is much slower than advertised, slows down or completely cuts out during high usage periods, and their customer service is just plain awful. It took close to three years of calling them regularly before they would finally stop cutting out our service. Even now the speed is below what it is supposed to be. Worst of all is the fact every time I called, customer service refused to talk to me because I didn't know my dad's social security number. Alas, they own the only high-speed connections in our neighborhood.

Andrew Frenz
Andrew Frenz uses Comcast
I have mixed feelings about Comcast. They are much faster than Qwest DSL. But it took me 1.5 months to get their service and about 8 phone calls. Super frustrating. Their prices are also really high after the promotional period.


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