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Favorite TV Shows
Favorite TV Shows
Answered by 10 People
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Most Popular
House, M.D. (2 people or 20%)
The Office (2 people or 20%)
Dancing with the Stars (1 person or 10%)
NCIS (1 person or 10%)
Law and Order: SVU (1 person or 10%)

This is how everybody answered:

Andrew Frenz
Andrew Frenz watches Community
We started watching this because its on right after the Office. I had low expectations but it is sooo funny! Tons of hilarious comedy! So many unique characters.

Chris Kostik
Chris Kostik watches Mythbusters
They blow stuff up! Buster. Most.

Rita  Frenz
Rita Frenz watches Extreme Home Makeover
This is a reality show where they actually build real homes for deserving people. I have a friend who actually helped at the one in the Twin Cities and she said it was an awesome experience

Matthew Beckler watches Law and Order: SVU
One of the many variants of the original Law and Order franchise, SVU (Special Victims Unit) deals with crimes of a sexual nature, or crimes dealing with children. Always riveting, will keep you glued to your seat until the end.

Matthew Beckler watches The Office
A British show "duplicated" for American TV. Starring Steve Carell as the boss, this ensemble cast of funny people serves up the laughs every week.

Patty Burkemper
Patty Burkemper watches NCIS
My favorite character is Denozo and I have watched since it's premiere several years ago. Hope it stays on forever.

Patty Burkemper
Patty Burkemper watches Dancing with the Stars
Love to watch Dancing with the Stars each new season to see which celebrity will be on trying to dance and win the judges vote, especially Len.

Lyndsey Frenz
Lyndsey Frenz watches House, M.D.
House is my favorite drama TV show. It is a medical show, with House and his team of doctors trying to figure out what mysterious illness there patients have. I just started watching it regularly last season, but I have seasons 1-3 on DVD. House is my favorite character, but Wilson is a close second.

Andrew Frenz
Andrew Frenz watches House, M.D.
My wife and I got into watching reruns of this show. This show is brilliant - its kind of like a Law and Order but with medical mysteries. Obviously my favorite character is House! Last season we started watching the new ones. We have Seasons 1-3 on DVD and have made it most of the way though them. I don't always catch the medical terms, but Lyndsey knows them all so I just ask her!

Lyndsey Frenz
Lyndsey Frenz watches The Office
The Office is the funniest show on TV! I just started watching it last season. My favorite character is Jim. The pranks he pulls on Dwight are hilarious! :)


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