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Casual Dining
Casual Dining
Answered by 22 People
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Most Popular
Olive Garden (4 people or 18.2%)
Granite City (3 people or 13.6%)
Pizza Luce (1 person or 4.5%)
McDonald's (1 person or 4.5%)
Taste of India (1 person or 4.5%)

This is how everybody answered:

Rachel Frenz uses Olive Garden
So good! I get full before my entree even comes but I still eat it because it is really good!

Paul Frenz
Paul Frenz uses Subway
$5 foot longs are healthy and great value

Paul Frenz
Paul Frenz uses Burger King
Can't beat their value meal

Lauren Kretsch uses Olive Garden
I love their bread sticks and their food is generally very good, however, I can't say I've ever left with my stomach feeling good.

Chris Kostik
Chris Kostik uses Granite City
Idaho nachos! Something diffrent every time. Prices are avg. Twice a month.

Jonathan Frenz uses McDonald's
Yea, I love to eat McDonald's. Nice, cheap, and fattening. Very good for a skinny man like me!

Patty Burkemper
Patty Burkemper uses Granite City
They have a great Sunday Buffet. Prices are ok for a Sunday brunch - good selection of food.

Patty Burkemper
Patty Burkemper uses Chianti Grill
I usually order a pasta dish of some kind. Prices are moderate to pricey - Dine there every couple of months - need to go more often.

Patty Burkemper
Patty Burkemper uses Olive Garden
Love the chicken marsala - prices are moderate - dine there about every 3 weeks.

Heejin Han uses Cafe Latte
On Grand Ave in St. Paul, MN. Try the Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad and the Strawberry Cheese Cake. Yum.

Dan Rosener
Dan Rosener uses The Mediterranean Cruise Cafe

Dan Rosener
Dan Rosener uses Tasty Pizza
Old high school hangout in Columbia Heights. Per nephew Joshua Rosener "Best pizza on the planet!" I agree!

Dan Rosener
Dan Rosener uses Se Salt
Se Salt is a restaurant at Minnehaha Park serving Sea food. It's outdoorsy and overlooks Minnehaha Falls. Order in the pavillion and then sit on the patio and they bring your food…very casual. Some menu items: oysters in half shell; calamari; marlin tacos; different seafood po’boys. The menu changes to accommodate the freshest items.

Ann O
Ann O'Leary uses Longfellow Grill
Great casual dining. Some menu standards with frequent new additions. On W. River Pkwy & Lake St., Mpls. You have to go to its sister restaurant, Highland Grill in St. Paul, to get their ultimate dessert, Brownie Sundae.

Ann O
Ann O'Leary uses Al Vento
Our favorite restaurant serves excellent Southern Italian food at extremely reasonable prices, with menu changing daily. Casual neighborhood ambiance at E. 50th St. & 34th Ave. S. in Lake Nokomis area, Mpls. Check-out their half-price wine list, Suns. & Mons. 4:30- 6:00.

Kelsey Bakken
Kelsey Bakken uses Granite City
Combining a casual setting with quality cuisine, Granite City is the perfect cocktail of American dining. As an added bonus, it is a short drive away for most in the metro area.

Liz Miller
Liz Miller uses Olive Garden
really good food!!

Georgia Lucas
Georgia Lucas uses Taste of India
The best Indian food in the Twin Cities. It's located off Wayzata Boulevard by 394 in St. Louis Park. I like the authentic atmosphere and the Shrimp Masala. The flavors are so delicious and complex that I have actually dreamt about them.

Drew Frenz
Drew Frenz uses Pizza Luce
Pizza Luce has five locations (Uptown Minneapolis, Downtown Minneapolis, Seward Minneapolis, Midway St. Paul, and Duluth). They offer some very original and very good pizzas in a really cool atmosphere.

Andrew Frenz
Andrew Frenz uses Q. Cumbers
Lyndsey and I go out to Q. Cumbers probably more frequently than any other casual dining restaurant. It's all you can eat, so you know I love it! Usually they have tacos and some kind of meat and potatoes to go with the salads, muffins, breadsticks, and so many other yummy foods!!

Tim  and Barb Gerdes
Tim and Barb Gerdes uses L'Ecosse
Resturant at 48th and Chicago South. Excellent food. see article in CNN http://www.cnn.com/2009/LIVING/wayoflife/04/16/​white.house.economy.chef/index.html

Rita  Frenz
Rita Frenz uses American Girl Bistro
A critique from Anna. " For $15 you get a starter and a main course for one person. It was worth every penny. They give your doll(s) a drink and food too. The food was top quality.It was the best $30 I spent."


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