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State Parks
State Parks
Answered by 8 People
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All Minnesota State Pks (1 person or 12.5%)
Baker Park Reserve (1 person or 12.5%)
Forestville Mystery Cave State Park (1 person or 12.5%)
Custer State Park (1 person or 12.5%)
Gooseberry Falls S.P. (1 person or 12.5%)

This is how everybody answered:

Gerry Lorsung
Gerry Lorsung went to St. Croix S.P.
Isolated. Nice layout. Right on the St.Croix River.

Gerry Lorsung
Gerry Lorsung went to Wild River S.P.
Like quiet? Far from major roads - no traffic noise.

Gerry Lorsung
Gerry Lorsung went to O'Brian S.P.
Close to the Twin Cities. Easy to get to.

Gerry Lorsung
Gerry Lorsung went to Gooseberry Falls S.P.
Lots to see and do.

Andrew Frenz
Andrew Frenz went to Custer State Park
The Needles highway is lots of fun! You go through one-lane tunnels barely as wide as your car - two of the tunnels give you views of Mount Rushmore framed in the end of the tunnel as you drive through - this is really neat to see! Also, stop at the Needles Eye rock formation along the way to take pictures and look around. Climb up the rocks across the road from the Needles Eye - some fun easy rock climbing that gives you some even better views of the surrounding area! Lots of wildlife along the highway. We stayed at the Sylvan Lake campground. Beautiful lake and neat hiking trails around it.

Mari Schuh
Mari Schuh went to Forestville Mystery Cave State Park
One of the state's best state parks. It has two big attractions besides the natural beauty, great camping, miles of hiking, picinic areas, etc. that are standard of all state parks. The first special thing the park has is historic Forestville, which is a well preserved village that was left abandoned after the railroad opted to run through another town. In the summer on weekends it used to have (I don't know if it still does) actors who portrayed life as if it was the late 1800's. There's a lot of interesting things to see and explore in the town alone. The park also contains the longest cave in MN that's open to the public. They offer all kinds of tours, whether its a standard walk on concrete paths laid in the cave or a 3 hours crawl with lanterns through the cave's ,more remote regions. The cave is also pleasently cold when its really hot outside. This park also has trout fishing, if you're into that. The major flaw is lack of a beach, though the small river that flows through is perfect for wading and exploring. The park has a very nice campground, as well as a surprising lack of misquitos.

Mari Schuh
Mari Schuh went to Baker Park Reserve
A nice place to spend the day. They have a lot of nice beach area, as well as a nice paved bike trail. Its not very good for nature/wildlife though, so I wouldn't suggest it for birdwatching or hiking. A good recreation area. The campground has a lot of sites that aren't very private, but the bathrooms are nice. The beach area and park are close so kids can walk or bike to the lake if they want to fish or something.

Dan Rosener
Dan Rosener went to All Minnesota State Pks
Our favorites are Bear Head Lake, Itasca and Beaver Creek Valley


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