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Board Games
Board Games
Answered by 39 People
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Most Popular
Risk (8 people or 20.5%)
Apples to Apples (7 people or 17.9%)
Sequence (4 people or 10.3%)
Settlers of Catan (4 people or 10.3%)
Monopoly (3 people or 7.7%)

This is how everybody answered:

Justin Folvarcik plays Monopoly
I like Monopoly.

Ryan Kieffer
Ryan Kieffer plays Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage
It's a great 2 player strategy game covering the Punic Wars. It's relatively quick as boardgames go once you play it a few times, and every game is different, which heightens it's replay value.

David Skodje plays Risk
It takes a while but makes for a great rainy day activity for those unafraid of war.

Elspeth Fox
Elspeth Fox plays Sequence
Sequence is fun because it involves strategy and keeps you thinking while having fun!

Anne Nicklaus
Anne Nicklaus plays Yahtzee
Kids love it. Helps with math.

Anne Nicklaus
Anne Nicklaus plays Scrabble
Mom loves it.

Anne Nicklaus
Anne Nicklaus plays Sequence
Kids love it.

Anne Nicklaus
Anne Nicklaus plays Apples to Apples
kids love it

Jonathan Frenz plays Clue
Clue is an awesome game!! I love the suspense and logic use!

Drew Frenz
Drew Frenz plays The Farming Game
Awesome game. Mildly similar to Monopoly, the game revolves around running a small family farm throughout the seasons. As the game was made by farmers, it's pretty realistic, and thus one goes bankrupt relatively often. Quite a fun game.

Federico Elles plays Settlers of Catan
I only needed about 15 minutes to understand the game and a lot of people are playing it in Germany. It makes also fun to try to beat your opponent with a new strategy each round. If you are winning all the time, try to win next round using only one resource or without upgrading your towns.

Paul Frenz
Paul Frenz plays Trivial Pursuit
Don't play with Lyndsay

Paul Frenz
Paul Frenz plays Monopoly
Educational game that every Democrat should be forced to play.

Andrew Frenz
Andrew Frenz plays Scrabble
If I ever wished to read the dictionary, it would be to get better at this game. It can get super competitive, so make sure to have an official Scrabble Dictionary around or there will be trouble! Kids should play this game more often, it really makes you learn how to spell and to learn more words!

Andrew Frenz
Andrew Frenz plays Clue
My brothers and I used to play this all the time growing up. It takes lots of thinking and reasoning to figure out who committed the murder. Mr Green, with the candlestick, in the study.

John Rumpza
John Rumpza plays Apples to Apples
It brings people together more than a lot of other board games, and it also involves more creativity.

Lauren Kretsch plays Apples to Apples
This is incredibly amusing and I play it with everyone! Hope you get Helen Keller!

Rob Brickweg
Rob Brickweg plays Sequence
Great camping game, just played it a few weeks ago in a tent while we waited for the rain to stop. It's almost like Connect-4 (another AWESOME game) but your placements are limited by the cards you hold.

Rob Brickweg
Rob Brickweg plays Apples to Apples
Three words are the key to making this game really awesome: KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. This a great game for learning more about the personalities about the people you play with.

Rob Brickweg
Rob Brickweg plays Settlers of Catan
Not only does this game have both luck and strategy built into it, it also requires superior negotiations skills. Classic sales 101. It can also be completed in and hour and a half or less, which means you can play multiple times a night!

Rita  Frenz
Rita Frenz plays Yahtzee
It is the only game my mom would play. It is a fun game shaking 5 die and trying for certain combinations. Anyone can play.

Paul Frenz
Paul Frenz plays Apples to Apples
Apples to Apples is a great party game for the whole family but be careful - make sure that you don't have different political points of views!

Paul Frenz
Paul Frenz plays Risk
There can be a lot of luck evolved but a good strategy usually wins in the end

Chris Kostik
Chris Kostik plays Risk
The strategy and the "friendly" competition.

Chris Kostik
Chris Kostik plays Apples to Apples
I always love this one!

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