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Internet Browsers
Internet Browsers
Answered by 5 People
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What internet browsers have you used?

Something else?

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Most Popular
Mozilla Firefox (4 people or 80%)
Google Chrome (1 person or 20%)

This is how everybody answered:

Federico Elles uses Mozilla Firefox
"There is an Add-On for this." - Everytime I'm having an idea to improve my surfing experience, I just need to search the Add-On catalog, and install it.

Jonathan Frenz uses Mozilla Firefox
Definitely the best web browser. The security is great, add-ons are amazing, and speed is sweet.

Drew Frenz
Drew Frenz uses Google Chrome
Innovative UI and features like firefox, but it offers a few distinct advantages. I like the way in which it displays downloads at the bottom of the screen rather than in a separate window; it's easier to check on large files while browsing. It also seems to be much more stable, hardly ever crashing, whereas firefox crashes a couple times a week. Did I mention it runs really light on the processor? Good browser to use if you have a lot of other apps open in the background.

Andrew Frenz
Andrew Frenz uses Mozilla Firefox
My favorite browser is Firefox. In a lot of ways Firefox is leading the Browser industry. They had tabs before IE, and have an excellent selection of developer add-ons that are essential for web development. I really like them too because they keep their users up-to-date. Most all Firefox users are updated to the latest release, unlike IE who has half of their users still on a browser that is 8 years - that is ancient in terms of web technology. I would recommend switching to Firefox for the latest and best in Browser technology.

Matthew Beckler uses Mozilla Firefox
Firefox is a world-class internet browser, focused on speed, security, and privacy. Reaping the benefits of a world-wide network of open source developers, Firefox security patches are released in hours, not weeks, keeping your computer and identity safer online. Firefox is completely free of charge.


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