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Auto Care
Auto Care
Answered by 15 People
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Most Popular
Frenz Brake & Automotive (5 people or 33.3%)
Mike's Advanced (2 people or 13.3%)
Schelen-Gray Auto Electric (1 person or 6.7%)
Leighton's Garage (1 person or 6.7%)
K&N (1 person or 6.7%)

This is how everybody answered:

Drew Frenz
Drew Frenz uses Frenz Brake & Automotive
I go here for oil changes. Nothing like looking at the photos of your great-grandpa on the walls while you wait!

Hugh Springer
Hugh Springer uses Schelen-Gray Auto Electric
Had an electrical short in the wiring on an '05 Mazda3, after replacing the clutch myself. I looked up anyone in my area to consider, and even when asking the AAA towing guy - he said they use Schelen-Gray for Auto electrical work on their trucks. Got wiring replaced and a new battery. On a cost scale of 1-5 probably a $$$.

Jonathan Frenz uses Frenz Brake & Automotive
They fix cars very well.

Heejin Han uses Hopkins Honda
Great Honda dealership, winner of President's award.

Paul Frenz
Paul Frenz uses Frenz Brake & Automotive
Quality Service and at a fair price - Only sell you what you need.

Gerry Lorsung
Gerry Lorsung uses Tire Town
8528 Pillsbury Av, Bloomington - good service, pricing and no wait.

Gerry Lorsung
Gerry Lorsung uses Mike's Advanced
Found Mike and Donny to be honest, fair and good at what they do - auto service

Ann O
Ann O'Leary uses Frenz Brake & Automotive
Honest, reasonable & professional car repair! 612-871-5953

John Brand
John Brand uses All Imports
Nice and friendly. They do the work as requested and don't suggest a bunch of other work that may or may not be needed.

Hugh Springer
Hugh Springer uses Automotive Services Company
Recommended to me by family. Their clutch repair quote came in too high, but they were very nice about doing a double check code-clearing check after doing it myself. I've heard they will commonly come in quite a bit lower the dealer-quoted repairs. Automotive Services Company 11960 Riverwood Dr. Burnsville, MN 55337 (952) 895 - 9195 http://automotiveservicecompany.com/

Nate Newell uses K&N
Quality air filters

DJ Orlovsky
DJ Orlovsky uses Leighton's Garage
They have a cool tall guy who talks funny and is there most of the time; however, despite his decidedly odd vernacular the service is honest, excellent, and price-competitive.

Dan Rosener
Dan Rosener uses Mike's Advanced
60th and Portland

Bert Lamers
Bert Lamers uses Frenz Brake & Automotive
Honest and reliable work.

Andrew Frenz
Andrew Frenz uses Frenz Brake & Automotive
Next time bring your car to Frenz Brake & Automotive. And yes, I am related.


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