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Lyndsey Frenz
Lyndsey Frenz rents from Redbox (Movie Rentals)
I use Redbox for movie rentals. It's only $1 a night, plus they often send codes for a free rental. There is one in Cub right by my house. The selection isn't huge, especially on weekends, but it is very convenient and cheap.

Caroline Murray rents from Redbox (Movie Rentals)
Cause you can get good movies for cheap.

Andrew Frenz
Andrew Frenz rents from Redbox (Movie Rentals)
I use Redbox to rent movies all the time. At only $1 a night, its an awesome deal! They also have free movie rental codes all the time. Subscribe to insideredbox.com to get a notice whenever there is a new code. During the winter, they had free codes every Monday, and during March, every Wednesday as well. The free rental codes are good per credit card, so if you have more than one credit card, you can get multiple free rentals. You can find Redbox machines lots of places - I go to the ones in McDonald's and Cub Foods.

Rachel Frenz rents from Redbox (Movie Rentals)
I use redbox because it is convienent, cheep and has a large variety of movies. They are located in mcDonalds, Lunds, and many other places. You can go online to reserve a movie or go and see what they have.

Drew Frenz
Drew Frenz rents from Redbox (Movie Rentals)
Cheap, good selection, you always know what they have in stock because they show it online, extremely convenient with locations everywhere.

Jonathan Frenz rents from Redbox (Movie Rentals)
They are the cheapest and best movie rental service. $1 a night for as long as you keep it out. You can look for particular movies and reserve them online at Redbox.com. They send out a code by SMS on Mondays for a free movie rental.


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