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Lauren Kretsch
Plymouth, Minnesota

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Here is everything Lauren has posted

Olive Garden
Lauren uses Olive Garden (Casual Dining)
I love their bread sticks and their food is generally very good, however, I can't say I've ever left with my stomach feeling good.

Verizon Wireless
Lauren uses Verizon Wireless (Cell Phone Network)
I love my phone and I don't have many issues with the service. I just don't get reception in my basement.

Ladder Golf
Lauren plays Ladder Golf (Lawn Games)
We recently bought this and it is much tougher than you would expect. People who are naturally talented at games may not do so well in this. The winners are generally who you least expect.

The Field Museum
Lauren uses The Field Museum (Museums)
When I went to Chicago we decided to visit this museum. There was a pirate exhibit and it was one of my favorite museums! Don't miss it if you end up in Chicago!

Apples to Apples
Lauren plays Apples to Apples (Board Games)
This is incredibly amusing and I play it with everyone! Hope you get Helen Keller!

Vans Warped Tour
Lauren attended Vans Warped Tour (Music Concerts)
This was a very interesting experience. It started out kind of shaky with a mosh pit for The Devil Wears Prada, but over the course of the day it got better. I enjoyed listening to new bands and meeting the artists! I got my shirt signed by five members of Echo Movement! For future Warped Tours bring your own food and water! They charge outrageous prices and you can only spend a minimum of $10. All in all it was an interesting experience and worth going to, however I'm debating whether or not to return.

Lauren goes to Mann's Cinema (Favorite Movie Theaters)
A decent theater, nothing fancy. However, their prices raise rather often and I feel like you pay too much for the service. The only thing that sets them apart is at the plymouth theater a staff member introduces the movie personally. I like AMC much better though.


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