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Jonathan Frenz
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Uses 27 Things
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Here is everything Jonathan has posted

Jonathan shops Walmart (Walmart vs Target)
Whatever is cheap works!

The Soloist
Jonathan wants to see The Soloist (Movies I Want To See)
I heard this movie was good. What movies do you'll wanna see?

Afton Alps
Jonathan uses Afton Alps (Downhill Skiing)
The one place I have been downhill skiing. And I loved it!!

Wood Lake Nature Center
Jonathan uses Wood Lake Nature Center (Cross-Country Skiing)
I love cross country skiing here. It has a nice short loop for kids and a nice longer one for us older folk. A good place to run through too during the summer!

Ladder Golf
Jonathan plays Ladder Golf (Lawn Games)
Ladder golf is fun. It kind of is embarrassing to lose to people you should really beat. And very frustrating when they don't stay on...

Jonathan uses Myself (Oil Changes)
It is sooo easy to do an oil change and saves soooo much money. I would really recommend you either do your own or find a friend to do it for you!

Any Electric Car
Jonathan wants a Any Electric Car (Dream Car)
I would love a nice electric car that used zip gas. I am not looking forward to the prospect of buying my own gas for my own car. I hope engineers pick up the pace and get them cheap and on the market.
Andrew Frenz Right now the batteries need to be replaced quite frequently and it ends up costing more than just paying for gas. I think a truly cheaper solution is still 5 years out.
October 6, 2009 at 11:57 pm

Sports Clips
Jonathan uses Sports Clips (Hair Stylists)
I got a bunch of free coupons for it, so I got my first "real" haircut there. Wasn't too bad. The free MVP haircut was nice. I like massages and wet towels on my face. I actually some some free coupons left if anyone wants them.

Cub Foods
Jonathan shops Cub Foods (Grocery Shopping)
Whenever i need something, i just stop by Cub. There is always something in the candy aisle on sale. I love their cheap donut markdowns after 8 or so. They also have TWO redboxes!

Jonathan shops Target (Walmart vs Target)
I think i've been to target more. I have a couple of giftcards for them too but none for walmart. So they win in my book.

Jonathan plays Clue (Board Games)
Clue is an awesome game!! I love the suspense and logic use!

Park Tavern
Jonathan uses Park Tavern (Bowling Alleys)
I've been bowling at Park Tavern at the same party as Drew every year for a while. I like the place. They have pretty good food (actually the chicken wings are too hot if i remember correctly).

Table Tennis
Jonathan plays Table Tennis (Recreational Games)
I would prefer the term Pingpong but same dif. A great game with many different ways to play that can include many people. Around the world in particular is a great party game!

Jonathan plays Halo (Computer Games)
Halo is a great video game for all occasions!

Jonathan uses McDonald's (Casual Dining)
Yea, I love to eat McDonald's. Nice, cheap, and fattening. Very good for a skinny man like me!

Jonathan plays Halo (Favorite Video Games)
Halo is a great party game that can be easily played by all types of people and all ages. Well, the younger the crowd is the better. But you get my drift.

Jonathan plays Risk (Board Games)
I love conquering the world. Good practice for the real thing!

Jonathan plays Badminton (Lawn Games)
Pretty bomb

Mount Rushmore
Jonathan went to Mount Rushmore (Visiting Black Hills, SD)
I've gone here many times and always find it amazing. They have really nice tours and a great visitor center in addition to the amazing mountain itself.

Best Buy
Jonathan uses Best Buy (Electronics Stores)
Always a good store when you're looking at computer stuff.

TCF Bank
Jonathan uses TCF Bank (Banking)
I use TCF Bank's checking. I love their online checking express service!

Jonathan uses Subway (Fast Food)
I love their $5 footlongs!

Frenz Brake & Automotive
Jonathan uses Frenz Brake & Automotive (Auto Care)
They fix cars very well.

Mozilla Firefox
Jonathan uses Mozilla Firefox (Internet Browsers)
Definitely the best web browser. The security is great, add-ons are amazing, and speed is sweet.

Jonathan uses McDonald's (Fast Food)
Can't be beat for price! Love it.

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