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Ann O Ann O'Leary
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Here is everything Ann has posted

Cafe Spiaggia
Ann went to Cafe Spiaggia (Visiting Chicago)
Eat at Cafe Spiaggia while in Chicago! A little pricey but cheaper & slightly more casual than its sister restaurant, Spiaggia, which shares the same kitchen. Outstanding! 980 N. Michigan Ave. 312-280-2750

Tim Jordan of Illinois Farmers Insurance
Ann uses Tim Jordan of Illinois Farmers Insurance (Insurance Agents)
We have used Tim for almost 15 yrs. for auto, home & umbrella insurance. He goes way out of his way to try to find ways to save you money, even though it means his commission is less. He figures he makes up for it with customer satisfaction & more business. In addition, IL Farmers is one of the most competitive & conservative cos. in the business. Last yr., while its competitors lost a significant amount of money, IL Farmers actually grew by 6%. It is great to have an agent to deal with when things happen & we have been 100% satisfied with settlements. 763-488-1772

Longfellow Grill
Ann uses Longfellow Grill (Casual Dining)
Great casual dining. Some menu standards with frequent new additions. On W. River Pkwy & Lake St., Mpls. You have to go to its sister restaurant, Highland Grill in St. Paul, to get their ultimate dessert, Brownie Sundae.

Ann uses Buttercream (Wedding Cakes)
The best wedding cake I've ever tasted uses all natural ingredients & no shortening in icing! St. Paul & Minnetonka locations in the Mpls. Metro area.

Al Vento
Ann uses Al Vento (Casual Dining)
Our favorite restaurant serves excellent Southern Italian food at extremely reasonable prices, with menu changing daily. Casual neighborhood ambiance at E. 50th St. & 34th Ave. S. in Lake Nokomis area, Mpls. Check-out their half-price wine list, Suns. & Mons. 4:30- 6:00.

Gary Petrucci (RBC)
Ann uses Gary Petrucci (RBC) (Stock Broker)
The best broker! Very experienced & thinks outside the box. We have used him for over 20 yrs. 612-371-2952 (secretary)

Ann uses Centerpoint (Water Heater Contractors)
Got our hot water heater from them. They were prompt, had the best price which was payable over a yr. interest free & I was told their warranty surpassed the manufacturer's!

Thomas Schultz
Ann uses Thomas Schultz (Drywall and Plastering)
I've used Tom many times for drywall & taping. Wouldn't use anyone else!

Frenz Brake & Automotive
Ann uses Frenz Brake & Automotive (Auto Care)
Honest, reasonable & professional car repair! 612-871-5953

Joy Painting
Ann uses Joy Painting (Painting Contractors)
Best prep & painting job I've ever had on my house exterior! Kyng Lee: 952-944-5512

Foley Stucco Co.
Ann uses Foley Stucco Co. (Stucco Contractors)
Did an excellent small stucco job at a reasonable price, when others bid way more. 612-331-6510

Marcus Wise
Ann uses Marcus Wise (Concrete Contractors)
Great & reasonably priced job tuck-pointing our chimneys. 612-729-7657


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