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Chris Kostik Chris Kostik
Prior Lake, Minnesota

Uses 7 Things
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Here is everything Chris has posted

Chris plays Risk (Board Games)
The strategy and the "friendly" competition.

Apples to Apples
Chris plays Apples to Apples (Board Games)
I always love this one!

Chris uses Quiznos (Fast Food)
Some chicken bacon thing. Once a month.

Chris watches Mythbusters (Favorite TV Shows)
They blow stuff up! Buster. Most.

Chris uses Sprint (Cell Phone Network)
I Like. No problems. Chose by default; they bought Nextel.

Granite City
Chris uses Granite City (Casual Dining)
Idaho nachos! Something diffrent every time. Prices are avg. Twice a month.

National Karate
Chris uses National Karate (Karate Studios)
Great Karate school! Kids and adults.


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