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Dan Rosener Dan Rosener
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Here is everything Dan has posted

Dan uses Yahoo (Email Clients)

Dan uses dogpile (Favorite Search Engine)
I like to "go fetch" rather than to "google" like everyone else does.

Direct TV
Dan used Direct TV (Satellite TV Provider)
No comment.

Turbo Tax
Dan uses Turbo Tax (Tax Software)
No comment.

Blue Cross
Dan uses Blue Cross (Life Insurance)
I work for them so it's employer provided.

The Mediterranean Cruise Cafe
Dan uses The Mediterranean Cruise Cafe (Casual Dining)

Tasty Pizza
Dan uses Tasty Pizza (Casual Dining)
Old high school hangout in Columbia Heights. Per nephew Joshua Rosener "Best pizza on the planet!" I agree!

Se Salt
Dan uses Se Salt (Casual Dining)
Se Salt is a restaurant at Minnehaha Park serving Sea food. It's outdoorsy and overlooks Minnehaha Falls. Order in the pavillion and then sit on the patio and they bring your food…very casual. Some menu items: oysters in half shell; calamari; marlin tacos; different seafood po’boys. The menu changes to accommodate the freshest items.

Riverview Theater
Dan goes to Riverview Theater (Favorite Movie Theaters)
Anita and I like to go to the Riverview. $3 tickets and $5 for medium buttered popcorn and coke. 2nd run movies and other showings but, hey, I'm one who used to wait until movies came out on regular tv!

Richfield Medical Group
Dan uses Richfield Medical Group (Physicians)
65th and Nicollet. Dr Mellama

Dan uses Mike's Advanced (Auto Care)
60th and Portland

All Minnesota State Pks
Dan went to All Minnesota State Pks (State Parks)
Our favorites are Bear Head Lake, Itasca and Beaver Creek Valley


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