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JT McManmon JT McManmon
Burnsville, Minnesota

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Here is everything JT has posted

Welch Village MN
JT uses Welch Village MN (Downhill Skiing)
best I have been at and I have heard it is the best in Minnesota

JT shops Target (Walmart vs Target)
Walmart might be cheaper but Target is the better buy because there products are more durable (in my experience between the 2)

JT plays Madden (Computer Games)
Every year it is the best Football game

Bocce Ball
JT plays Bocce Ball (Lawn Games)
skill, its all about the skill

JT uses Arbys (Fast Food)
they have good food that is cheap, and they have bigger meals that are slightly more expensive. Something for everyone

Milliren Family Dentistry
JT uses Milliren Family Dentistry (Dentists)
Dr Milliren is a good guy who I happen to know and I enjoy making the trip

Settlers of Catan
JT plays Settlers of Catan (Board Games)
great strategy game that includes trading with others and using them to win.

Best Buy
JT uses Best Buy (Electronics Stores)
They have amazing customer service, they are well staffed and willing to help you find whatever you are looking for. The best in electronics when it come to customer service.

JT uses F.Y.E. (Electronics Stores)
For Your Entertainment is a great place to find a lot of music sometimes at a great price and they have cheap old video games


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