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Ellen Westin Ellen Westin
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Here is everything Ellen has posted

Green & White - Lawn & Snow
Ellen uses Green & White - Lawn & Snow (Lawn Care)
They always do a great job on everything! They do everything from: mowing lawns, yard maintenance, landscaping projects and gardens, and build patios. And in the winter they plow the snow in your driveway! Excellent service! Contact info: James Westin (owner) Email: jimmywestone@hotmail.com

Ellen Westin Photography
Ellen uses Ellen Westin Photography (Photographers)
ABOUT ELLEN WESTIN PHOTOGRAPHY: I have a passion for capturing the pure beauty in your life! Whether it is the way your groom makes you laugh during your wedding ceremony, so that you don't cry...the constant laughs when your whole family comes together...or how completely adorable the newest little addition to your family is... I love to capture your cherished moments. See my work at: http://ellenwestinphotogr​aphy.blogspot.com/ Please contact me at: ellenwestinphotography@gm​ail.com

Ellen uses Martha's Gardens (Florists)
Martha has done the flowers for my wedding as well as both of my sister's weddings. She always amazes us with her beautiful creations. Everything she does is above and beyond your expectations! She is just so fun to work with.

SoulCam Photography
Ellen uses SoulCam Photography (Photographers)
Amazing photographers! They were very fun to work with!


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