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Gerry Lorsung Gerry Lorsung
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Here is everything Gerry has posted

St. Croix S.P.
Gerry went to St. Croix S.P. (State Parks)
Isolated. Nice layout. Right on the St.Croix River.

Wild River S.P.
Gerry went to Wild River S.P. (State Parks)
Like quiet? Far from major roads - no traffic noise.

Gerry went to O'Brian S.P. (State Parks)
Close to the Twin Cities. Easy to get to.

Gooseberry Falls S.P.
Gerry went to Gooseberry Falls S.P. (State Parks)
Lots to see and do.

Gerry uses TMobile (Cell Phone Network)
Service spotty in some locals on the road but for the most part I've been happy with their service.

J J Hagens INC
Gerry uses J J Hagens INC (Window Installation and Repair)
Did a good job installing all our main floor windows.

Tire Town
Gerry uses Tire Town (Auto Care)
8528 Pillsbury Av, Bloomington - good service, pricing and no wait.

Gerry uses Mike's Advanced (Auto Care)
Found Mike and Donny to be honest, fair and good at what they do - auto service


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