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Drew Frenz Drew Frenz
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Here is everything Drew has posted

Park Tavern
Drew uses Park Tavern (Bowling Alleys)
I have been to Park Tavern on several occasions. My parents have held their company Christmas party here for the last three years, and I have been here a couple other times as well. The prices aren't bad, but watch out if you're under 21 (like me), because they become 21+ after (I think) 9 PM. So don't plan on staying late.

Drew reads Gaunt's Ghosts (Mystery Series)
Gaunt's Ghosts by Dan Abnett is a great series. They are centered around a regiment of Imperial Guard in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. They are of a sci-fi combat/mystery genre, and I loved the 14 that I read. There are probably a couple more out by now.

Richfield Pool
Drew uses Richfield Pool (Swimming Pools)
Full-size olympic pool open for laps in the early morning. For the rest of the day they keep two 25-meter lanes open, but have open swimming in both the deep end and the shallow end, with volleyball in the shallow end. There is also a diving well with high and low dives, along with two sizable water slides. There is also a zero-depth entry kids pool with a pretty large water playground, as well as concessions and locker rooms. I don't know if they still are, but when I was younger season passes were free if you lived in Richfield and $40 if you lived in Minneapolis.

Afton Alps
Drew uses Afton Alps (Downhill Skiing)
The best downhill area near Minneapolis, Afton is by far larger than any other in the area. Lots of variety in the runs, from some relatively long ones (compared to others in central MN) and some shorter ones that are much steeper. Only ski area near the Twin Cities large enough that one can spend a full day without having to hit the same runs again and again forever.

Lord of the Rings
Drew watched Lord of the Rings (Favorite Movies)
Return of the King. My #2 film of all time. So huge. So good. So classic.

V for Vendetta
Drew watched V for Vendetta (Favorite Movies)
This epic film is well-produced, exciting, intriguing, and has a lot to say about government while still providing a most entertaining experience. It's pretty tough to watch and not see all the parallels to the Obama Administration, 9/11, The Patriot Act, and the H1N1 Vaccines.

Jimmy Johns
Drew uses Jimmy Johns (Fast Food)
Tastes much better than Subway or Quiznos. Besides, a sandwich shop with bicycle deliverymen?!?! How could you not love it? It is however a bit more expensive than subway, seeing as the sandwiches are only 8-9 inches rather than 12.

Frenz Brake & Automotive
Drew uses Frenz Brake & Automotive (Auto Care)
I go here for oil changes. Nothing like looking at the photos of your great-grandpa on the walls while you wait!

Drew uses PC (PC or Mac)
If you want a PC for their wide-range of software and support services, buy a PC. If you want a Mac for the stability and ease of use, buy a PC and install Ubuntu and save yourself the "Apple Tax" of about 40%. If you want a Mac for the beautiful user interface, buy a PC and install X86, and again save yourself 40% of the cost.

Team Fortress 2
Drew plays Team Fortress 2 (Best Multiplayer Video Games)
As I said in my review of it for "computer games", it is well-balanced, full of variety, requires intense cooperation, and is always fun!

The Farming Game
Drew plays The Farming Game (Board Games)
Awesome game. Mildly similar to Monopoly, the game revolves around running a small family farm throughout the seasons. As the game was made by farmers, it's pretty realistic, and thus one goes bankrupt relatively often. Quite a fun game.

Team Fortress 2
Drew plays Team Fortress 2 (Computer Games)
Possibly the greatest PC game ever created. Play against up to 31 other users from around the globe in a half-dozen game modes across dozens of maps. Play one of the 9 well-balanced classes in this team-focused FPS game. Can be purchased bundled with Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2 Deathmatch, Half-Life 2 Episode 1, and Portal as part of the Orange Box for $40, or individually on Steam for $20. One can occasionally find it in one of Steam's 48-hour sales for $10.

Drew shops Target (Walmart vs Target)
Target benefits the local economy. As one of the last Fortune 500 Companies in the Twin Cities to value the urban core, one feels an obligation to shop there. Not to mention how much nicer the stores are.

Drew plays Risk (Board Games)
A wonderful game of strategy, diplomacy, and chance!

Custer State Park
Drew went to Custer State Park (Visiting Black Hills, SD)
Home to beautiful Black Hills landscapes, wonderful hiking, and great climbing. Mt. Rushmore National Monument is only a few minutes away as well!

Drew went to Rwanda (Sightseeing Vacations)
The Land of 1,000 Hills is quite the adventurous site-seeing vacation. Visit Volcanoes National Park in the Verungas Mountains to trek through the jungle with experienced gorilla trackers (and your military escort to protect you from Congolese rebels) to come face to face with the last wild mountain gorillas in the world. Mountain gorillas are up to three times the size of lowland gorillas and there are less than 350 left in the world today, and their only habitat is in the forests of the Verungas. Have one of the world's most moving experiences at one of the country's many genocide memorials. Be reminded of the fragility of mankind and the nature of international politics and learn why we really need to say "never again". Be immersed in the local culture and experience traditional Africa in a safe (for now) location. If you're feeling extremely adventurous, cross the border into the Congolese city of Goma, the center of the central African arms trade. Do so with great caution, and I would recommend heading back to Rwanda before dark. Experience one of the world's most beautiful regions before it is yet again filled with violence.

Google Chrome
Drew uses Google Chrome (Internet Browsers)
Innovative UI and features like firefox, but it offers a few distinct advantages. I like the way in which it displays downloads at the bottom of the screen rather than in a separate window; it's easier to check on large files while browsing. It also seems to be much more stable, hardly ever crashing, whereas firefox crashes a couple times a week. Did I mention it runs really light on the processor? Good browser to use if you have a lot of other apps open in the background.

Elm Creek Park Reserve
Drew uses Elm Creek Park Reserve (Cross-Country Skiing)
The place to go when there's no snow! Home to the best snowmaking setup in the Twin Cities (does Troll Hollow count?) dedicated to Cross Country skiing, Elm Creek is always the FIRST to have trails open. Unfortunately, this also means that they are always packed. If going before the other parks are open, be out before 2:00 or be prepared to be crushed under the load of hundreds of high school racers that come to practice at the only mid-November snow in town. Unfortunately, they are also one of the last places to get natural snow, so you're better off looking at Wirth or Baker if you're going out midseason. Ski rentals are available in the Chalet.

Baker Park Reserve
Drew uses Baker Park Reserve (Cross-Country Skiing)
Home to dozens of miles of well-groomed trails and rarely crowded, Baker is a great place to ski. Though quite a drive for me, I practice here on occasion with my team. If you have a Three Rivers ski pass, you get in to Baker as well as Elm Creek. A nice loop to do (the standard 5k HS race course) is: Fairway Trail out from the clubhouse to the intersection with Hill Loop. Right on Hill Loop. Keep right at the bypass. Take the turn onto Timber Trail. Merge back onto Hill Loop after Timber. Merge back onto Fairway after Hill Loop. Finish at the clubhouse. Another nice loop is the Island Trail. Praire trail can be pretty cool (but be prepared for huge drifts!). Rentals are available at the clubhouse.

Wirth Park
Drew uses Wirth Park (Cross-Country Skiing)
Minneapolis' largest park, on the border between Minneapolis and Golden Valley, features over 30km of groomed ski trials, of which, about 15km accommodate both freestyle and classic. Approximately 3k of the trail system (including one of the toughest hills) is fitted with snow machine hookups, giving the park the ability to have a full skate hardpack with tracks long before anywhere else can even begin to start packing. My ski team practices here daily and so I have had a season pass for the last 5 years. The daily fee is somewhere around $6 if I remember, but my $25 season pass with my discount gets used probably around 35 times a season, so it's a good value. The trails make up several different sections, two of which are classic-only and three of which accommodate both styles. Two of the skate-capable zones also function as race courses for high school events and are occasionally double-tracked in addition to the skate track. Keep an eye on the race schedule, as the trails will be closed, plus they're pretty beat up the next day. I recommend the 6k Par 3 side. Although it is by far the most challenging trail, it also provides the most interesting and varied terrain as well as the best views. You can take it at a leisurely pace, but be aware of practicing racers that will be passing occasionally. The "Flats" side is a much shorter loop, about 3k, and contains only rolling hills, but offers very, very limited scenery and terrain. Skis can be rented at the clubhouse.

Drew uses Newegg (Electronics Stores)
The world's leading online retailer for system builders, Newegg is quite possibly the greatest major electronics store in the world. While the site carries all sorts of consumer electronics, including appliances and the like, they are best known for their computer parts. Stocking tens of thousands of retail and OEM components, they have a selection like no other. Only TigerDirect comes close. Their prices are great too. Check out a price comparison between Newegg and a bigbox like Best Buy. Yeah, I thought so. They're usually at least 40% cheaper! Add their combo deals and frequent "shell-shocker" deals in, and you'll come out well below any other retailer if you play your cards right. Did I mention that they have distribution centers stationed strategically around the country so that they can almost always get your stuff to you in three business days? Yes, three business day shipping is standard. Once you know, you Newegg.

Punch Pizza
Drew uses Punch Pizza (Take Out)
Punch Pizza has five Twin Cities locations (two in Minneapolis, two in St. Paul, one in Eden Prairie, and one in Wayzata). They are a member of the Neopolitan Pizza Guild, and they are one of only a small handful of members in the US. The make the pizza to order, cooking it for 90 seconds in an 800 degree wood-burning oven. It is very good and quite different from a normal pizza.

Pizza Luce
Drew uses Pizza Luce (Casual Dining)
Pizza Luce has five locations (Uptown Minneapolis, Downtown Minneapolis, Seward Minneapolis, Midway St. Paul, and Duluth). They offer some very original and very good pizzas in a really cool atmosphere.

Drew uses Broder's Pasta Bar (Fine Dining)
My favorite restaurant. A bit expensive for me, so I only go with my parents. They offer a ton of choices- nearly everything on the menu is pasta, and it sure is good! This small restaurant offers a really nice atmosphere. While makes a great "fine dining" option, it's also relatively family friendly and definitely has a community feel. If in a small group, try sitting up at the bar where you can see directly into the kitchen and watch the pasta being cooked. Also try the other Broder's on the other side of Penn Ave. They offer a sort of deli/pub atmosphere and feature a lot of sandwiches in addition to the pasta.

Drew went to Chicago (Road Trip Vacations)
I've been to Chicago several times in my life, and in my opinion, it is America's finest city. They have many interesting museums, most of which border some part of Grant Park. You can spend multiple days walking from museum to museum through the park and along the lake. The city is loaded with wonderful shopping and great restaurants, if you're into that sort of thing. Between the river, the lake, the miles of paths and beaches along the lake, and the giant parks like Grant, Millennium, and Lincoln, this urban center is filled with tons of natural beauty to enjoy. Along the magnificent mile and in the loop you will find many architectural wonders and great buildings. Both the John Hancock Center and the former Sears Tower offer observation decks over 1,000 feet in the air. Getting around the city couldn't be easier, between the well centralized layout and the El system, which includes elevated metros and subways that reach nearly every corner of the city.

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