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Rob Brickweg Rob Brickweg
Portland, Oregon

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Here is everything Rob has posted

Rob shops Target (Walmart vs Target)
All I have to say is, shopping cart escalator. Have you ever seen an escalator for your shopping cart in a Walmart? No, you have not. In a Target? Heck yeah, the one right by my house has one. It is the COOLEST!

Rob uses Apple (Buying Computers)
I HIGHLY recommend the Macbook Pro to anyone looking for a very reliable, powerful computer. I was a PC person my whole life until about a year ago when I got a Mac, and I will NEVER go back. Where else can you get a computer that comes with software to make your own movie?

Rob plays Sequence (Board Games)
Great camping game, just played it a few weeks ago in a tent while we waited for the rain to stop. It's almost like Connect-4 (another AWESOME game) but your placements are limited by the cards you hold.

Rob wants a BMW's Vision EfficientDynamics (Dream Car)
This is BMW's newest concept car. It is a hybrid that not only looks sweet, it goes fast and gives you awesome gas mileage (62.5 mpg). Check it out here: http://www.foxnews.com/st​ory/0,2933,544840,00.html

Apples to Apples
Rob plays Apples to Apples (Board Games)
Three words are the key to making this game really awesome: KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. This a great game for learning more about the personalities about the people you play with.

Settlers of Catan
Rob plays Settlers of Catan (Board Games)
Not only does this game have both luck and strategy built into it, it also requires superior negotiations skills. Classic sales 101. It can also be completed in and hour and a half or less, which means you can play multiple times a night!


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