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Rita  Frenz Rita Frenz
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Here is everything Rita has posted

Rita watched It's A Wonderful Life (Movies I Own)
This is a classic movie that has a message that is ageless. A must see if you haven't seen it.

Abbott Northwestern
Rita uses Abbott Northwestern (Hospitals)
I have visited alot of people who were sick there and I also know quite a few people who work there and I definitely would go there if I needed to.

Rita shops Target (Walmart vs Target)
Mainly because they are closer. The new Walmart in Bloomington really changes their image.

Rita plays Yahtzee (Board Games)
It is the only game my mom would play. It is a fun game shaking 5 die and trying for certain combinations. Anyone can play.

The Passion of the Christ
Rita watched The Passion of the Christ (Last Movie I Saw In The Theaters)
As you can see, I don't go to many movies in the theater very often but this was definitely worth it. It really brings your faith to life and is heart changing.

Facing the Giants
Rita watched Facing the Giants (Favorite Movies)
It is a good family movie with a message that is important for everyone.

Fox 9
Rita watches Fox 9 (Favorite News Station)
They seem to carry news the others are afraid to or choose not to report on like the corruption going on with Acorn.

Rita uses Vikings (Favorite Sports Teams)
I have watched them for a long time. Enjoyed them when Fran Tarkenton was quarterback. They are fun to watch again with Brett Favre. Who would have thought?
Andrew Frenz And we beat the packers too! Superbowl here we come! We also watched the Vikings a lot the season when Gary Anderson had a perfect season... until it mattered.
October 7, 2009 at 9:41 am

Extreme Home Makeover
Rita watches Extreme Home Makeover (Favorite TV Shows)
This is a reality show where they actually build real homes for deserving people. I have a friend who actually helped at the one in the Twin Cities and she said it was an awesome experience

Bean Bag Toss
Rita plays Bean Bag Toss (Lawn Games)
It is a easy to make game where you have two boards with a hole cut near the top. You have 4 bean bags that you toss and try to get them either on the board or thru the hole. You can play with two or four people. It is a fun summer game.

Minnesota Virtual Academy
Rita uses Minnesota Virtual Academy (My Kid's Grade School)
Essentially you homeschool with the assistance of teachers. They supply you with everything you need with regards to books and curriculum. They use K12 which gives you a classical education. They even supply you with a computer if you need it. A nice benefit is that it is free.

Our Lady of Peace
Rita uses Our Lady of Peace (My Kid's Grade School)
It is a good school and prepared them well for high school.

The Museum of Russian Art
Rita uses The Museum of Russian Art (Favorite Art Museums)
It is not huge, but large enough. It is very enjoyable. Alot of interesting paintings. Sometimes they have special exhibits. They have a gift shop that is expensive, but fun to window shop.

Rita shops Lands' End (Favorite Clothing Stores)
I like it especially for girls because you can get modest clothing. It is good quality and fun designs. They have great clearances too.

Apples to Apples
Rita plays Apples to Apples (Board Games)
It is a good game to play with a group. You don't have to think much and it can be pretty funny.

Rita plays Sequence (Board Games)
It is a fun and challenging game.

The Bible
Rita reads The Bible (Best Books)
It never gets old no matter how many times you read it and it is also so relevent to your life. Reading it daily keeps you grounded.

Rita shops Kohls (Best Deals Clothing Stores)
They have a broad selection of merchandise for the whole family and you can find some really good clearance deals.

The Shack
Rita reads The Shack (Books You Couldn't Put Down)
It is by Paul Young and if you don't get hung up on the way he represents God, which actually fits in his story, it is very good. It is a very captivating story that you have a hard time putting down. Very easy to read.

Surprised By Hope
Rita reads Surprised By Hope (Books You Couldn't Put Down)
It is by N.T. Wright and it is about rethinking heaven, the resurrection, and the mission of the church. It makes you think.

Rita uses Tracfone (My Cell Phone)
It is cheap if you just want a basic phone.

Rita reads Guidepost (Magazine Subscriptions)
Short, inspirational stories.

Trinity School at River Ridge
Rita uses Trinity School at River Ridge (My Kid's High School)
They received a well rounded education.

Christopher and Banks
Rita shops Christopher and Banks (Favorite Clothing Stores)
The prices are reasonable and they are always having a sale.

Ladder Golf
Rita plays Ladder Golf (Lawn Games)
It is fun and easy to play.

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