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Andrew Frenz Andrew Frenz
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Here is everything Andrew has posted

Drive Today Driving School
Andrew uses Drive Today Driving School (Driving School)
My uncle owns Drive Today Driving School. They give private lessons, free pick-up, and are great with adult drivers too. I highly recommend using him if you need to take behind-the-wheel lessons.

Andrew watches Community (Favorite TV Shows)
We started watching this because its on right after the Office. I had low expectations but it is sooo funny! Tons of hilarious comedy! So many unique characters.

Lariat Lanes
Andrew uses Lariat Lanes (Bowling Alleys)
This is a smaller bowling alley. The scoring computers are a bit dated, but work. On Wednesday nights after 8 they have $2 bowling, $2 shoes.

Avenue Hotel Chicago
Andrew went to Avenue Hotel Chicago (Visiting Chicago)
We stayed at the Avenue Hotel Chicago for our anniversary. It is half a block off of Michigan Avenue, right next to the Apple Store. The hotel was great. It was clean, had a big king bed, and had a rooftop pool that we swam in a couple times. We got a great deal on it through Hotwire.com. The location is excellent, we were able to walk to everything from there except the Museum of Science and Industry which we caught a bus too. We walked to Navy Pier, Field Museum, Adler Planetarium, Giordano's, Millennium Park, and lots of other places around there. We drove to Chicago so we just parked in a parking garage nearby and left the car there until we left. The hotel had parking, but it was like $20 more per night than a parking lot three blocks away. I would definitely recommend it -the location couldn't have been better.

Shane Co.
Andrew shops Shane Co. (Jewelry Stores)
I got my wife's engagement ring here after looking at just about every jewelry store in the Twin Cities. By far you get the most for your money at Shane's. Not to mention their excellent service. Life warranties and service are free - other places try to make you purchase these. At Shane, its just free. I was so pleased we got both of our wedding rings there too. If you are looking for engagement rings, shop around, then head to Shane Co. That will be your last stop.

Cub Foods
Andrew shops Cub Foods (Grocery Shopping)
It is right by my house, only a minute or so away, plus they have excellent deals. I have gotten some huge discounts from them recently. At my Cub at night, they discount their Baker's Dozen donut boxes down to $3. What a deal! Yum.

Cub Foods
Andrew shops Cub Foods (Best Grocery Store Deals)
Every week they have great deals, but about once a month they have excellent deals. They will have a page full of things on sale, and in addition if you purchase at least $25 from the items on that page, you get even more money off or a discount on your next trip. I have even gotten things free before.

Elspeth Fox
Andrew uses Elspeth Fox (Financial Planning)
Elspeth went to high school with me and is working as a financial planner now. I have learned some very helpful financial tips from her. You are never charged for advice, so there is nothing to loose.

Captain Cognition
Andrew reads Captain Cognition (Favorite Blogs)
It is a new blog by my good friend Matt Doffing. And artwork by his wife, Julia. I am excited to see where he takes it. Good first post on Gandalf from LOTR.

Green Day Dookie
Andrew listens to Green Day Dookie (Best CDs)
An awesome CD! It's packed with so many great hits.

Windows Vista
Andrew uses Windows Vista (Operating Systems)
I have not had the trouble with Vista that some have had. But I did need to upgrade my RAM because my .75 GB was not enough for it to run smoothly. The 2 GB I put in definitely made it much much faster. I do like the new look of Vista. Some of the security checks are annoying. Under the hood, its memory management is much better than XP's. It treats memory as a cache and pre-fetches things in anticipation of what you made need. This is a much smarter way to manage memory than the old XP way of just filling it up.

Windows XP
Andrew uses Windows XP (Operating Systems)
A solid operating system. This one has stood up to the test of time. Works wonderfully on my netbook and less powerful systems. Definitely aging now though.

Andrew uses Thunderbird (Email Clients)
A sweet open source email client. I have it on my computers and it even runs off my U3 flash drive so I can use it on any computer just by plugging in my flash drive. Similar to Outlook but lighter weight and free.

Park Tavern
Andrew uses Park Tavern (Bowling Alleys)
Just went there on a double date for dinner and bowling. We ate on the patio outside - the food was excellent and super cheap. I got a bacon chicken sandwich with fries - it was huge! There are lots of bowling lanes, its clean, and the crowd is classier than most bowling lanes I have been to. On a Saturday night, it was $4/game and $3 for shoes. They have free bowling on Monday nights after 9.

The Fugitive
Andrew watched The Fugitive (Movies I Own)
A great Harrison Ford movie. This one gave me nightmares when I was younger, so its not for the younger crowd, but it is a compelling story of a man trying to prove his innocence after being convicted of killing his wife.

Matchstick Men
Andrew watched Matchstick Men (Movies I Own)
This is an awesome "con" movie. And it is so clever that you can watch it many times and still find it sweet! I bought it after watching it once, and have watched it many times since. On par with Ocean's 11.

Bean Bag Toss
Andrew plays Bean Bag Toss (Lawn Games)
My cabin neighbor Bob has this game (he built it). Its tons of fun. We play you have to hit 21 exactly, which makes it interesting because the losing team can catch up while the winning team tries to get the exact right amount. I plan on building a set myself this winter.

Super Mario Galaxy
Andrew plays Super Mario Galaxy (Favorite Video Games)
An amazing game for the Wii. You travel from galaxy to galaxy in outer space. The gravity physics are awesome. This is my favorite Mario game.

Andrew plays Scrabble (Board Games)
If I ever wished to read the dictionary, it would be to get better at this game. It can get super competitive, so make sure to have an official Scrabble Dictionary around or there will be trouble! Kids should play this game more often, it really makes you learn how to spell and to learn more words!

Andrew plays Clue (Board Games)
My brothers and I used to play this all the time growing up. It takes lots of thinking and reasoning to figure out who committed the murder. Mr Green, with the candlestick, in the study.

Bumper Pool
Andrew plays Bumper Pool (Recreational Games)
Not many people have played this, unless you have been to the Frenz house. It looks like a mini pool table but with bumpers and only 2 holes. You don't have the long shots of pool, but instead you have to skillfully bounce you and your oppenents balls off each other and the bumpers. A super fun game!

Andrew wants a Corvette (Dream Car)
I have wanted a Corvette my whole life. A yellow convertible. Perhaps someday I will be lucky enough to get one.

Reptile Gardens
Andrew went to Reptile Gardens (Visiting Black Hills, SD)
We had a blast at Reptile Gardens! What I remember the most is the guy who wrestled the alligators! He showed the trick of covering their eyes. Also, he stuck his hand deep into their mouth. It was such an awesome show! They had tons of neat animals there, definitely a must-see if you are in the black hills area.

Andrew uses McDonald's (Fast Food)
McDonald's is so tasty. The only time we got it growing up was coming back from the Boundary Waters, when we got a happy meal! Now I get a double cheeseburger meal. I rarely get to go these days. I just hope they go trans-fat free soon so my wife lets me go there more!

Andrew plays Monopoly (Board Games)
My brothers and I had a lot of fun playing this game growing up. Not only is it super fun, but it teaches you good business skills too! Especially if you start making trades, deals, and loaning people money. And not to mention, you can get a Monopoly customized to like anything these days.

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