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Lyndsey Frenz Lyndsey Frenz
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Super Target
Lyndsey uses Super Target (Wedding Cakes)
I ordered my wedding cake at Super Target bakery. It was actually really good! It also was a really cute design that looked like a present. We got a lot of compliments on it.

Cub Foods
Lyndsey shops Cub Foods (Grocery Shopping)
I usually go to Cub Foods for grocery shopping because it is closest to my house. They seem to have pretty good deals in there weekly ad.

Wii Sports
Lyndsey plays Wii Sports (Best Social Video Games)
Wii Sports is a great video game to play with a group of people. It is fun and easy, and up to 4 people can play. Its even fun to watch people play.

Lyndsey shops Target (Walmart vs Target)
I definitely like Target better than Walmart. Target stores are much nicer. Plus, Target is closer to my house.

Lyndsey watched Titanic (Multiple Theater Viewings)
I saw Titanic 4 times in the theater. Not quite sure why, but I guess I really liked it at the time!

Mann Theater Hopkins
Lyndsey goes to Mann Theater Hopkins (Best Cheap Theaters)
Mann Theater in Hopkins is a great cheap theater. The prices went up recently, but is still only $3, and $2.50 on Tuesdays.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Lyndsey reads Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Longest Books)
I think the longest book I have read is HP#5, which is 870 pages long. And of course it was worth it, I could have read even more!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows
Lyndsey reads Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows (Favorite Harry Potter Book)
This was a tough call, but I think HP#7 is my favorite book of the series. It was full of excitement, leading up to the final meeting between Harry and Voldemort. It was an awesome book!

House, M.D.
Lyndsey watches House, M.D. (Favorite TV Shows)
House is my favorite drama TV show. It is a medical show, with House and his team of doctors trying to figure out what mysterious illness there patients have. I just started watching it regularly last season, but I have seasons 1-3 on DVD. House is my favorite character, but Wilson is a close second.

Ladder Golf
Lyndsey plays Ladder Golf (Lawn Games)
Ladder golf is a lot of fun and most everyone can play it. It involves throwing two golf balls connected by a string at a ladder with three rungs. Its a great outdoor summer game.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Lyndsey watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Last Movie I Saw In The Theaters)
I saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in July. It was awesome! Probably my favorite of the HP series. There were a lot of funny parts to balance out the more intense scenes, and they did a good job condensing a 600+ page book into a 2.5 hour movie.
Andrew Frenz At least this one was entertaining. The last Harry Potter movie that you dragged me to was so poorly done. They definitely stepped it up with this latest movie.
October 7, 2009 at 12:01 am

The Office
Lyndsey watches The Office (Favorite TV Shows)
The Office is the funniest show on TV! I just started watching it last season. My favorite character is Jim. The pranks he pulls on Dwight are hilarious! :)

Lyndsey plays Hoopla (Board Games)
Hoopla is a really fun game that is similar to Cranium. You race against the clock to get others to guess what is on your card. There are 4 different activities you can do to get them to guess, such as drawing or acting it out. It easy to learn and a lot of fun!

Yellowstone National Park
Lyndsey went to Yellowstone National Park (National Parks)
Yellowstone is an amazing place to visit! I went there this summer and loved it. The hot springs and geysers are really cool, and there is tons of wildlife. I even saw a grizzly bear!

Lyndsey rents from Redbox (Movie Rentals)
I use Redbox for movie rentals. It's only $1 a night, plus they often send codes for a free rental. There is one in Cub right by my house. The selection isn't huge, especially on weekends, but it is very convenient and cheap.

Science Museum of Minnesota
Lyndsey uses Science Museum of Minnesota (Museums)
I am a member of the Science Museum, and really enjoy going there. There is always interesting exhibits to see and the Omnitheater shows are always great. One great thing about being a member is that you can get into museums across the country for free as well. I recently was in Chicago and used the membership card to go to the Field Museum, the Museum of Science and Industry, and the Adler Planetarium.

TCF Bank
Lyndsey uses TCF Bank (Banking)
I've gone to TCF for a few years now and have been happy with it. It definitely has the most convinient hours since it is open later during the week and on weekends.

Lyndsey uses PhotoResource (Photographers)
Bob Cunningham did our wedding pictures and they turned out great! I was very pleased with his work. He got many great shots, both posed and candid. He was also able to get some great shots during the ceremony. I would highly recommend him!

Classic Catering
Lyndsey uses Classic Catering (Wedding Caterer)
We used Classic Catering for our wedding reception. The food was great and many people complimented us on it. Two friends even decided to use it for their wedding receptions! It is very reasonably priced, and very easy to work with.

Verizon Wireless
Lyndsey uses Verizon Wireless (Cell Phone Network)
I've used Verizon for about 5 years and haven't had any problems. My phone seems to get better service than a lot of people I know who use other providers.

InspectAll LLC
Lyndsey uses InspectAll LLC (Home Inspectors)
Tim Gerdes of InspectAll LLC inspected our house before closing. He spent a long time inspecting the entire house and gave us a detailed report of everything he found. I would recommend him!

Dr John Woell
Lyndsey uses Dr John Woell (Dentists)
I just started going to Dr. Woell this year. He is very friendly, and explains everything very well. He helps make going to the dentist not so bad! :)

Lyndsey shops WinkFlash.com (Digital Prints)
4x6 prints are only 8 cents each. The pictures come in just a few days. They also do nice Christmas cards.

Bert Lamers
Lyndsey uses Bert Lamers (Realtors)
Bert is a great realtor! He helped us buy our house last year and was always available to go look at houses. He also analyzed sales information for homes in the area of the house we bought to help us make an offer.


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