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Paul Frenz Paul Frenz
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Uses 28 Things
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Here is everything Paul has posted

Bean Bag Toss
Paul plays Bean Bag Toss (Lawn Games)
Fun Game - If you build your own, be careful not to make the top to slippery

Paul uses Subway (Casual Dining)
$5 foot longs are healthy and great value

Burger King
Paul uses Burger King (Casual Dining)
Can't beat their value meal

Trivial Pursuit
Paul plays Trivial Pursuit (Board Games)
Don't play with Lyndsay

Paul plays Monopoly (Board Games)
Educational game that every Democrat should be forced to play.

Facing the Giants
Paul watched Facing the Giants (Favorite Movies)
Great family movie with a message

Lord of the Rings
Paul watched Lord of the Rings (Favorite Movies)
Loved all three

Star Wars
Paul watched Star Wars (Favorite Movies)
Enjoyed each

Paul plays Foosball (Recreational Games)
I played my way through college - Mean defense with a slow shot up the middle that was off speed

Table Tennis
Paul plays Table Tennis (Recreational Games)
I played as a high school sport - Played national junior champ for months

Paul plays Soccer (Recreational Games)
Great outdoor game

Ladder Golf
Paul plays Ladder Golf (Lawn Games)
Fun Game played by family

Wii Sports Resort
Paul plays Wii Sports Resort (Favorite Video Games)
This is a great work out - My arms usually are about to fall off after a night of Wii Sports Resort.

Apples to Apples
Paul plays Apples to Apples (Board Games)
Apples to Apples is a great party game for the whole family but be careful - make sure that you don't have different political points of views!

Paul plays Risk (Board Games)
There can be a lot of luck evolved but a good strategy usually wins in the end

Paul shops Walmart (Walmart vs Target)
They are cheaper then Target - The new Bloomington Store is a step up from older store.

Best Buy
Paul uses Best Buy (Electronics Stores)
Best Buy can be expensive - I needed an optical mouse - Found one 1/2 the price at Target I will get things on sale at Best Buy but everything else seems expensive to me.

Burger King
Paul uses Burger King (Fast Food)
Dollar menu is a great value. Whopper Jrs. and soda for $1.

Paul uses Subway (Fast Food)
Healthy Cheap lunch or dinner at $5 for a footlong sub.

Tony Nelson
Paul uses Tony Nelson (Insurance Agents)
tonyn@gladwinagency.com ​Tony has worked hard to find best rates for our family. Creatively works with different companies to find best deal.

H&R Block TaxCut
Paul uses H&R Block TaxCut (Tax Software)
I used to use Quicken TaxPro - Switch 5 years ago to save money. Really like it and easy to use. I always compare against lasts years return to make sure I didn't skip anything. Watch for specials at Best Buy, Office Max, Etc. You get a better deal then buying it direct.

Wells Fargo
Paul uses Wells Fargo (Banking)
Been a customer for all my life - Always friendly and reliable.

Frenz Brake & Automotive
Paul uses Frenz Brake & Automotive (Auto Care)
Quality Service and at a fair price - Only sell you what you need.

Paul shops Aldi (Grocery Shopping)
Best Produce Prices always! Small store and requires cash or debit card. Lots of staples - mostly off brands - We tried most and almost all are good. Most prices are at least 25% cheaper then Cub or Rainbow.

Rainbow Foods
Paul shops Rainbow Foods (Grocery Shopping)
Best weekly special but other prices can be a bit higher than Cub. Best gas discount program.

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