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Matthew Beckler
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Here is everything Matthew has posted

Giant Eagle
Matthew shops Giant Eagle (Grocery Shopping)
A grocery chain in PA, WV, OH, and MD, Giant Eagle is the place to go. For every $50 you purchase in groceries you get $0.10 off PER GALLON for gas at their gas station. It accumulates, so I recently got $0.80 off per gallon when I filled up.

My Side of the Mountain
Matthew reads My Side of the Mountain (Favorite Childhood Stories)
This YA novel by Jean Craighead George won the Newberry Award in 1959. It describes the adventures of a city boy who lives in the Catskill mountains in New York, his adaptations and creative solutions to living in the wilderness, and the interesting people and animals he meets along the way.

The Tripods Trilogy - John Christopher
Matthew reads The Tripods Trilogy - John Christopher (Favorite Childhood Stories)
These three young-adult novels detail humanity's struggle to overthrow their alien oppressors. Full of intrigue and well-described aliens, there is something about the rediscovery of the "technologies of the ancients" that is just so very interesting.

Matthew reads Cryptonomicon (Books You Couldn't Put Down)
This epic novel by post-cypherpunk writer Neal Stephenson will have you at the edge of your seat for the whole wild ride. Consisting of two parallel but interlinked stories (one in WWII, one in the modern day) concerning cryptography, war, friendship, Captain Crunch and Van Eck phreaking. Best book I have ever read, and the 918 pages will fly by.

Matthew reads Twilight (Worst Books)
When your main characters' modus operandi is to "make the worse possible decision at every juncture", that makes for a terrible book. Basically just trashy "romance" novels adapted for consumption for pre-teen girls, it's pretty horrible. Go read harry potter instead.
Andrew Frenz Did you see the movie? If so, how did the book compare to that?
October 12, 2009 at 10:13 am

IEEE Spectrum
Matthew reads IEEE Spectrum (Magazine Subscriptions)
The main trade rag of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the Spectrum is full of interesting articles about new technologies and exciting things, but also including historical articles looking back of the storied history of this noble profession. Comes free with your IEEE membership.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Matthew reads Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Favorite Harry Potter Book)
Excellent, fully of excitement and adventure, with none of the boring camping "adventure" of book 7.

Matthew uses Flaherty's Arden Bowl (Bowling Alleys)
Located in scenic Arden Hills, a suburb of Minneapolis, this bowling alley is very classy, and has great deals on food and drink on weekday nights.

Matthew uses Comcast (Internet Service Providers)
Cable service is almost always faster than DSL, and my service from Comcast has fairly good uptime and reliability. Other people have had issues, but my experience has been without complaint. Sometimes they will offer a 1-year contract for cheap, which matches up nicely with a 1-year lease.

Law and Order: SVU
Matthew watches Law and Order: SVU (Favorite TV Shows)
One of the many variants of the original Law and Order franchise, SVU (Special Victims Unit) deals with crimes of a sexual nature, or crimes dealing with children. Always riveting, will keep you glued to your seat until the end.

The Office
Matthew watches The Office (Favorite TV Shows)
A British show "duplicated" for American TV. Starring Steve Carell as the boss, this ensemble cast of funny people serves up the laughs every week.

Ticket to Ride
Matthew plays Ticket to Ride (Board Games)
In another classic modern board game, players race to lay down their trains to complete a passage between their cities. Easy for beginners to jump in, this game is a great introduction for newbies to the wonders of euro-/modern-boardgames.

Matthew uses Wendy's (Fast Food)
Quality food and delicious fries. Better than McDonalds and Burger King, in my opinion. Substitute your drink for a smooth, chocolate frosty, and dip your fries in the cold creamy frosty. Delicious.

Settlers of Catan
Matthew plays Settlers of Catan (Board Games)
Settlers of Catan is a great boardgame, one of the most accessible of the 'modern' boardgames/eurogames. Suitable for 2-4 players (up to 6 with expansion pack), this trading-and-collecting game is always a hit, and a good way to introduce friends and family to modern board games.

K & R Carpet Cleaning
Matthew uses K & R Carpet Cleaning (Carpet Cleaning)
I used K & R Carpet Cleaning to clean the carpets in my apartment when I moved out. They were very flexible with scheduling an appointment that fit in my schedule. Service was very quick, clean, professional, and most of all, it was affordable. I would definitely look to K&R Carpet Cleaning for any future carpet or upholstery cleaning that I needed.

Matthew uses LaTeX (Productivity Software)
LaTeX is a professional-class document preparation system based on the work of Computer Science guru Donald Knuth. Producing professional-quality output, it supports true hyphenation in many languages, and is the gold standard for academic publications.

Mozilla Firefox
Matthew uses Mozilla Firefox (Internet Browsers)
Firefox is a world-class internet browser, focused on speed, security, and privacy. Reaping the benefits of a world-wide network of open source developers, Firefox security patches are released in hours, not weeks, keeping your computer and identity safer online. Firefox is completely free of charge.

World of Goo
Matthew plays World of Goo (Computer Games)
A very fun and innovative new game from the indie game studio 2D Boy, this game has you building structures (bridges, towers, etc) from semi-sentient balls of goo. Very innovative, and really quite beautifully rendered. Only $20, supports Mac, Linux, Windows, with demos for all three.

Plants vs Zombies
Matthew plays Plants vs Zombies (Computer Games)
An excellent game from a little indie game studio called Pop Cap Games. You're a brave post-apocalyptic homeowner defending your yard from the advancing ranks of the undead, with only a few trusty seed packets to fend them off. The guest appearance of a zombie Michael Jackson is all the more amusing now. Only $20, with a free trial.

Town Hall Brewery Minneapolis
Matthew uses Town Hall Brewery Minneapolis (Bars and Clubs)
Excellent craft brewery in Seven Corners, Minneapolis, MN. Food is delicious (try the fries!) and atmosphere is friendly and welcoming.

Welch Village MN
Matthew uses Welch Village MN (Downhill Skiing)
Pretty good for midwest skiing. Have a great college student season pass for less than $150 for the whole year, pays for itself after 3-4 visits.

Spirit Mountain Duluth MN
Matthew uses Spirit Mountain Duluth MN (Downhill Skiing)
Excellent ski hill in Duluth, MN. Overlooking the two harbors, the views are just as great as the skiing. Lifts are high speed, most are quads, with great runs.

Brighton Ski Area
Matthew uses Brighton Ski Area (Downhill Skiing)
Spent two days skiing here in January, 2006. Conditions were excellent, the runs were wide and fast, and the place was relatively deserted. The beautiful landscape made the chairlift rides enjoyable, too. Would visit again!

Madison Street Auto Body Eau Claire WI
Matthew uses Madison Street Auto Body Eau Claire WI (Collision Repair)
I had my vehicle repaired at Madison Street Auto Body in Eau Claire, WI. The work was high quality and met the estimate. They are an approved vendor for the American Family Insurance Customer Repair Program, so no approval is required to obtain vehicle repairs.

Matthew uses Snowbird (Downhill Skiing)
Excellent ski area outside Salt Lake City, Utah.

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