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Rahul C shops both (Walmart vs Target)
no reason

Matthew Beckler shops Giant Eagle (Grocery Shopping)
A grocery chain in PA, WV, OH, and MD, Giant Eagle is the place to go. For every $50 you purchase in groceries you get $0.10 off PER GALLON for gas at their gas station. It accumulates, so I recently got $0.80 off per gallon when I filled up.

Jonathan Frenz shops Walmart (Walmart vs Target)
Whatever is cheap works!

Rachel Frenz shops Target (Walmart vs Target)
Target is better than Walmart because it is based in Minnesota! Also target has a good selection and is always really clean.

Andrew Frenz
Andrew Frenz shops Shane Co. (Jewelry Stores)
I got my wife's engagement ring here after looking at just about every jewelry store in the Twin Cities. By far you get the most for your money at Shane's. Not to mention their excellent service. Life warranties and service are free - other places try to make you purchase these. At Shane, its just free. I was so pleased we got both of our wedding rings there too. If you are looking for engagement rings, shop around, then head to Shane Co. That will be your last stop.

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