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Andrew Frenz
Andrew Frenz uses Drive Today Driving School (Driving School)
My uncle owns Drive Today Driving School. They give private lessons, free pick-up, and are great with adult drivers too. I highly recommend using him if you need to take behind-the-wheel lessons.

Rita  Frenz
Rita Frenz uses Minnesota Virtual Academy (My Kid's Grade School)
Essentially you homeschool with the assistance of teachers. They supply you with everything you need with regards to books and curriculum. They use K12 which gives you a classical education. They even supply you with a computer if you need it. A nice benefit is that it is free.

Heejin Han uses Little Flowers Montessori (Day-Care Providers)
Private Montessori Pre-School/Kindergarten in Plymouth, MN

Chris Kostik
Chris Kostik uses National Karate (Karate Studios)
Great Karate school! Kids and adults.

Steve Frenz
Steve Frenz uses Ginger Trnka (Nannies)
Ginger has been our nanny for 7 years now. She is wonderful. My kids love her a lot. "She is like my second mom. I love her" says my daughter.

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