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Hugh Springer
Hugh Springer uses Meg Meyers - Edina Realty (Realtors)
Meg is realtor at Edina Realty who helped my parents sell and purchase multiple homes of theirs in the last 10 yrs, purchase my home during the housing boom in 2004, and now assisting another family member during the spike this year (2009). Meg is a friendly, trusted, and experienced realtor who provides dedication and commitment to your buying/selling experience. http://www.megmeyers.com/

Lyndsey Frenz
Lyndsey Frenz uses Bert Lamers (Realtors)
Bert is a great realtor! He helped us buy our house last year and was always available to go look at houses. He also analyzed sales information for homes in the area of the house we bought to help us make an offer.

Andrew Frenz
Andrew Frenz uses Bert Lamers (Realtors)
I highly recommend Bert for your Realtor. I bought my house through Bert last year and he was excellent. He was available to show houses around our crazy schedule and when it came time to make an offer, he provided a detailed market analysis that helped us make an informed offer. We were very pleased to have him as our Realtor!

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