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Rachel Frenz uses now boarding (Animal Kennels)
We have used now boarding twice now for my dog Emmy. It is fantastic! You can pick your dog up at any time. And you can also park your car in their lot and take a shuttle to the airport and back for a little less than it costs to park at the airport. The staff is very kind too. When we came to drop our dog off they remembered her from the one other time we have used now boarding. Also they have and indoor and outdoor playground that the dogs get to play on many times throughout the day. They offer grooming for your pet too. Not only is it a great place to keep your pet, but all of the profits go to the Animal Humane Society! Emmy always comes back happy and clean.

Drew Frenz
Drew Frenz uses now boarding (Animal Kennels)
We've used this service the last couple years and found it to be top notch. They take the dogs out a couple times a day rather than just leave them in their kennels 24/7. They also offer free parking and shuttles to the airport, so you save on airport parking/cab fare.

Kathy Boerner
Kathy Boerner uses Woodlake Veterinary Hospital (Veterinarians)
For 14 years this friendly, caring staff attended to our cat Zeke. Their prices were reasonable and when we kenneled Zeke, he received good care and we felt comfortable leaving him there.

Barbara Wiley
Barbara Wiley uses City Cat Clinic & Condos (Animal Kennels)
This full service luxury boarding facility is exclusively for cats. You board your cat right at a veterinary hospital in very clean & very peaceful special "cat condo's" designed by Dr Richcreek herself. We have boarded our cats there several times and have been very pleased with the care & service they provide. It is also comforting to know there is a veterinarian right there if anything should happen. It is a little more expensive than average cat kennels but this is not like other kennels, it is luxury boarding exclusively for cats.

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