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Ellen Westin
Ellen Westin uses Ellen Westin Photography (Photographers)
ABOUT ELLEN WESTIN PHOTOGRAPHY: I have a passion for capturing the pure beauty in your life! Whether it is the way your groom makes you laugh during your wedding ceremony, so that you don't cry...the constant laughs when your whole family comes together...or how completely adorable the newest little addition to your family is... I love to capture your cherished moments. See my work at: http://ellenwestinphotogr​aphy.blogspot.com/ Please contact me at: ellenwestinphotography@gm​ail.com

Lyndsey Frenz
Lyndsey Frenz uses Super Target (Wedding Cakes)
I ordered my wedding cake at Super Target bakery. It was actually really good! It also was a really cute design that looked like a present. We got a lot of compliments on it.

Dianne Cunningham
Dianne Cunningham uses Photoresourcemn.com (Photographers)
Bob Cunningham's photograghy includes commercial weddings, portraits and fine art

Ann O
Ann O'Leary uses Buttercream (Wedding Cakes)
The best wedding cake I've ever tasted uses all natural ingredients & no shortening in icing! St. Paul & Minnetonka locations in the Mpls. Metro area.

Andrew Frenz
Andrew Frenz uses Shane Co. (Engagement Rings)
I got my wife's engagement ring at Shane Co. I shopped around at just about every jewelry store in the Twin Cities area. Shane had the best value for the money by a long shot. In addition, they don't try to sell you all sorts of service plans / guarantees like most other places - in face, all your service is free forever on it. Mounting, resizing, cleaning, polishing, and replacement if the diamonds fall out are all covered for free! They claim to be direct importers so that they have less middlemen - I don't know if it is true, but their prices clearly are lower for the same diamond. If you are looking for jewelry, especially an engagement ring, go other places, then go to Shane and you will see the difference. We were so pleased we got both of our wedding rings there.

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