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Dan Rosener
Dan Rosener uses dogpile (Favorite Search Engine)
I like to "go fetch" rather than to "google" like everyone else does.

Andrew Frenz
Andrew Frenz reads Captain Cognition (Favorite Blogs)
It is a new blog by my good friend Matt Doffing. And artwork by his wife, Julia. I am excited to see where he takes it. Good first post on Gandalf from LOTR.

Federico Elles uses Mozilla Firefox (Internet Browsers)
"There is an Add-On for this." - Everytime I'm having an idea to improve my surfing experience, I just need to search the Add-On catalog, and install it.

Heejin Han uses StarTribune.com (News Websites)
Minneapolis news paper.

Jonathan Frenz uses Mozilla Firefox (Internet Browsers)
Definitely the best web browser. The security is great, add-ons are amazing, and speed is sweet.

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