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Rahul C watched Batman (Movies I Own)
Bought it

Jonathan Frenz wants to see The Soloist (Movies I Want To See)
I heard this movie was good. What movies do you'll wanna see?

Rita  Frenz
Rita Frenz watched It's A Wonderful Life (Movies I Own)
This is a classic movie that has a message that is ageless. A must see if you haven't seen it.

Andrew Frenz
Andrew Frenz watched The Fugitive (Movies I Own)
A great Harrison Ford movie. This one gave me nightmares when I was younger, so its not for the younger crowd, but it is a compelling story of a man trying to prove his innocence after being convicted of killing his wife.

Drew Frenz
Drew Frenz watched Lord of the Rings (Favorite Movies)
Return of the King. My #2 film of all time. So huge. So good. So classic.

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